A Guide to Cost Per Install (CPI) Affiliate Networks

CPI Networks

CPI networks come as another type of affiliate platforms that comes with plenty of offers based on pay-per-install models. In other words, developers, publishers, advertisers and media buyers can opt for suitable mobile CPI offers to enable efficient ad and promotion campaigns taking their apps to the top in the app store ranking. In other words, the more installs you have, the more you will earn from mobile app promotion. The average price per install starts from $3, while some leading CPI ad networks can boast millions of monthly installs performed by real users. For this reason, CPI offers appear to be a great thing to get involved whenever you look for a chance to earn from app advertising and promotion.

For advertisers CPI mobile ad networks ca be extremely cost-effective, as they are charged only in case of a real user’s install. This model actually describes the name of the offer. Although some may consider it rather out-of-date taking into account features obtained from older models, modern mobile CPI networks have more advanced solutions and tools to offer. Those solutions include subscriptions and mobile content services In addition to dating and more. At the same time, you may observe a vast development of some other fields including finance, travel and retail making best CPI networks as versatile as possible for both publishers and advertisers.

Despite the fact the above-mentioned are only at their first stage of development and the affiliate market is mainly dominated by mobile games, they still have a great potential that will certainly be revealed in the nearest future. The main idea is to be among the first to benefit from CPI offer transformation.

Who will actually benefit from a developed version of CPI platforms? Find yourself among:

  • App Developers and Publishers to generate higher revenues and faster exposures. Both may opt for advanced and beneficiary monetization tools as well;
  • Media Buyers & Affiliates to earn from purchasing organic traffic in addition to self-served ad campaigns and promotion strategies;
  • Ad Servers & Networks to benefit from inventory monetization offers.

The niche has certainly a huge potential with a selection of newly established CPI mobile platforms and offers. Some leading networks have already started implementing those offers attracting more partners and affiliates linked together.

Our mission here is to make your life easier. We have brought some of the leading CPI-based networks to one place forming a long listing of great offers. Whether you are a publisher looking for higher rankings and more installs or a media buyer eager to implement an effective promotion campaign, you will find tons of helpful information on new networks and some well-established names in the niche.

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