AdMob Review

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1. Introduction to AdMob

AdMob is an ad network acquired and owned by Google. AdMob’s main objective is to give the developers and publishers a comprehensive monetizing solution designed specifically for mobile apps. With over a million of advertisers and easy installation process developers can start increasing their revenue right away. In most cases, the CPC revenue model is employed, although the CPM model is also available. AdMob is able to equally benefit publishers and advertisers with its wide range of solutions and advertising mechanisms.

2. AdMob Company Stats

Company website:AdMob
Founded in: 2006
Number of Employees: 10,000+
Social Media Profiles: Twitter,Google+,YouTube, Google Blog, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

AdMob has designed a variety of tools aimed at growing the number of in-app purchases and cross-promoting other apps by the same publisher, with the most popular one being AdMob house ads. This free and universal solution for both Android and iOS means you no longer need to design your own unique solution in order to get the most out of your advertising campaign. Thanks to Google’s endless monitoring, targeting, and data collecting possibilities, the network will automatically determine which app users are more likely to make the purchase, so your product will be displayed to the potentially paying audience. The combination of these tools with cross-promotion mechanisms will help advertisers get the highest possible revenue and ROI.

4. Information for Publishers

Although there are dozens of similar companies in the advertising market, few of them can compete with the opportunities presented by AdMob. Their biggest advantages for developers include the continuously growing advertiser demand, customizable ad controls, and a mediation service that surpasses any other market offer. With the ability to choose from three popular ad formats (banner ads, interstitials, and video ads), getting access to the benefits of native ads, the opportunity to work with any advertiser in the world, and higher CPM earning tools, every publisher is guaranteed to be left satisfied with their AdMob experience, no matter what their expectations and objectives might have been.

5. Account Help

Contact AdMob: Request Consultation
Find out more about AdMob: FAQ
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers

AdMob’s career page is part of Google’s career section and offers an insight into working for the company. On the page you’ll find introductions to various departments at Google, news about the latest discoveries and achievements, a guide to the types of jobs offered by Google, and tips for creating a successful application. Google makes a point of reminding readers that they are an equal opportunity workplace and that difference is not simply accepted at the company, but is actually celebrated.

7. Editor’s AdMob review

AdMob is a familiar name to anyone who has ever heard of ad networks. With an attachment to a tech giant like Google, AdMob was destined for success, and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing right now. AdMob offers an extensive range of services for both advertisers and developers, with each category of users being able to get the most out of their cooperation with AdMob. Although AdMob wasn’t founded by Google, being acquired 4 years after it was founded, this ad network since then has been rebuilt and now incorporates every aspect and value Google is known for. Over the last few years, AdMob has built a remarkably diverse pool of advertisers, which allows it to offer the most competitive eCPMs and fill rates to publishers and developers across the globe.

There are no limitations for joining the program: you can be an individual publisher or a large developing company, there are still benefits for working with AdMob. Generally, you start by including a standard-sized ad into your app’s code and have ads from advertisers appear in your app. Any revenue earned through the network will be split with Google (you get about 60%). The money you earn will be deposited in your account with payments made every month under the condition that they exceed the equivalent of $100. Although there is a variety of ads and topics you can display through the system, there are still some limitations set by Google. For example, there can only be one ad displayed on one static page. Additionally, the ad shouldn’t be placed in a way that can potentially cause accidental clicks. Other than that, AdMob is fairly flexible and offers excellent customization opportunities, including AdMob Mediation – a tool designed specifically for developers who want to maximize their revenue. Mediation allows every publisher to display ads from AdMob and other advertising networks simultaneously, which gives you a chance to see which ads and which networks demonstrate the best result, making changes along the way towards the sources with the highest payout.

Apart from being a comprehensive tool for advertisers and publishers, AdMob is also an attractive destination for job seekers. The opportunity to work at the division of Google, where over 10,000 people are already working to develop the most advanced ad network on the market, is tempting, which is why the number of applications sent to AdMob can rival many similar companies. Whether you consider applying to work at AdMob, advertise your goods and services, or increase the revenue from your ads, you’re almost certain to make a smart choice by working with this ad network.
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