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1. Introduction to App2Top

App2Top is a mobile advertising company with an extensive range of tools and features for publishers and advertisers. Currently App2Top works with Android apps and promoting apps on Google Play. App2Top wants to draw people over with a variety of unique opportunities, including offering motivated, organic installs, and improving the rating on any app to bring it to the coveted 5 stars. Additionally, you can set up certain reviews to be displayed on top in Google Play. And, of course, when you’re a App2Top customer, you get complete access to the statistics – whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, you’ll always know exactly what is going on with your campaign.

2. App2Top Company Stats

Company Website: App2Top
Social Media Profiles: Twitter

3. Information for Advertisers

App2Top’s services are aimed at helping developers and publishers promote their apps, so while you won’t find the more traditional services for advertisers offered by some other companies, you can still benefit from working with App2Top – for example, by becoming a reskinner. Promote repackaged apps under your own brand and get access to the whole range of features available to publishers.

4. Information for Publishers

Developers and publishers are two categories App2Top’s services are mainly designed for. As a developer looking to improve the position of the app on Google Play, you can expect a lot from App2Top. All it takes to start is to sign up, go through 3 easy steps, and then you can simply sit back and watch your app get the recognition it deserves. Sign up with App2Top, add your app to the system, let the system collect data about your app, create your first order specifying what exactly you want to achieve, complete the payment through PayPal, and let App2Top do its magic while you track your order with a range of monitoring tools. Prices start at $0.10 for install, $0.20 for 5-star rating, $0.25 for 5-star review, and you get app analytics and stats for free.

5. Account Help

Contact App2Top: Email
Learn more about App2Top services here
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers at App2Top

App2Top appears to have a relatively small staff that is based in Russia, so unless you’re also from Russia, applying for a job at the company might prove to be tricky. Generally, the company is looking for Android developers, PHP developers, designers, customer service representatives, and other specialists from the advertising field, so if you feel you’ll be a right fit at App2Top, you can always apply for a job through the company’s contacts.

7. Editor’s App2Top Review

App2Top’ website gives a clear idea about who is the target audience of the company. Unlike many other online advertising companies who are solely focused on catering to the needs of advertisers, App2Top chose to design a whole lot of solutions and offers for developers and publishers. Quick and sizeable results, professional support, and competitive pricing are among the biggest advantages of working with App2Top. If you’re looking forward to cooperation with the company, you can join their network as a developer, publisher, or reskinner. At the moment App2Top claims to have over 3 million installs and over 1 million reviews delivered to more than 17,000 apps registered within the system, which is pretty impressive for a small company, considering their affordable prices and excellent service.

App2Top pride themselves over the quality of their installs – they claim that every single install you get from the program is highly motivated and organic, which means your app will climb the Google Play rankings faster and will never be sanctioned by Google for fraudulent installs. Additional features for helping your app succeed in the ratings include 5-star reviews and 5-star ratings. The development of your campaign can be easily monitored using App2Top’s analytics and stats service, which you get for free if you order other paid services from the company. The ability to control which ratings and reviews are displayed at the main page of the app on Google Play, as well as direct management of advertising campaigns, are exactly what a lot of publishers and developers have been looking for and finally found with App2Top.

If you’ve tried to sign up with an online advertising company before, but were always scared away by the complicated sign up, set up and tracking process, you’ll be delighted to know that App2Top made these tasks as easy as they can be. You can set up your first campaign in a matter of hours, and after you sign up for the service, all it takes to start your journey to success is three easy steps. Add your app to the system, choose a few parameters for the campaign, run the campaign, and wait for the first results to arrive. Additionally, you can set up your campaign to start at a selected time in the future – this is particularly useful if you’re running another campaign at the moment and don’t want the two campaigns to clash, so that individual results could be easily observed.
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