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1. Introduction to AppBrain

AppBrain is an all-inclusive service for everything concerning Android app development. The company started as an app designing studio and has produced 35 successful Android apps to date with an overall download count of 100,000,000. In addition to their app development business, AppBrain launched a platform for effortless monetization of Android apps that is intended to help developers to grow their revenue and advertisers to achieve their goals faster. Based in Switzerland and The Netherlands, AppBrain provides its service all across the globe.

2. AppBrain Company Stats

Company Website: AppBrain
Founded in: 2009
Number of Employees: 10
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

AppBrain offers the advertisers a chance to efficiently promote their Android apps by including them into their app network and employing unique mechanisms to reach the objective. AppBrain lets advertisers monitor their campaigns in real time using the tracking service, where users get complete access to the impressions, clicks, and installs their app received in the given period of time. The campaign will automatically pause in two cases: if the app budget has been reached, or if the daily limit of impressions, installs or clicks has been reached. Automatic pausing can be avoided by adding funds to the campaign deposit, or adjusting budget limits.

4. Information for Publishers

AppBrain delivers their services through SDK, which is now built in over 50,000 apps and is installed onto millions of devices daily. The SDK has a number of benefits, including effortless integration, small size, user-friendly banners, interstitial monetization model, independent operation, and complete support for all devices and Android versions. Monthly payment should exceed $25 to be transferred through PayPal. Publishers can access various app-related data with the help of AppBrain’s dashboard, which is provided for free to all users. The number of Google Play accounts you can manage through the same AppBrain account is unlimited, which is good news for big publishers.

5. Account Help

Contact AppBrain: Email
AppBrain FAQ: for publishers and advertisers
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers at AppBrain

AppBrain has a small yet dedicated staff located in Zurich and Utrecht. Despite their limited number of employees, AppBrain are always on the lookout for new, valuable additions to the team. If you feel like your skills and experience will add to AppBrain’s value, you can apply for a job at the company. At the moment they are looking for experts in software engineering, although if that’s not your cup of tea, you can still send your CV with a letter explaining why you may be the perfect fit for AppBrain.

7. Editor’s AppBrain Review

In the extremely saturated and competitive market of online advertising having skills in more than one field is always welcome, which is why AppBrain has a significant advantage over its competition. While many other companies only have experience in promoting apps, products and services, AppBrain started out as an app development company, which means they know both sides of the market and can provide effective assistance to both advertisers and publishers. With two offices and Europe and a relatively small staff AppBrain doesn’t lack in success stories, impressive statistics, or number of services offered by the company, which is why your needs will be definitely met by AppBrain.

Generally, advertisers work with AppBrain through the CPI model, meaning they only have to pay for download from Google Play, not taking into account the number of impressions and clicks it took. The prices are not set and are decided with the help of a bidding system, with the minimum bid being $0.20 per install. All advertising campaigns at AppBrain must have a budget. The minimum budget is $25 per day or $100 per the entire campaign. No additional work is required from the advertiser – simply sign up for the service, set up your campaign, and look forward to the results. Installs and other stats can be tracked using AppBrain’s monitoring service, which is provided absolutely for free. In order for your campaign to start, your campaign deposit must usually be prepaid, although post-paid charges are also accepted. There are a couple of requirements for the app to be accepted to the program: it should be distributed for free, published on Google Play, and have a minimum rating of 3.25 stars.

Unlike advertisers, publishers are required to use AppBrain’s SDK, but don’t worry, because it’s super easy to use and has a number of advantages over similar technologies from other companies, namely competitive monetization, non-interrupting banners, easy integration, only two mandatory permissions, and an ability to be combined with SDK from any other ad network.

AppBrain works in 100% compliance with Google Play Ad Policy, which means your cooperation with AppBrain puts you under zero risk. AppBrain claims to have substantial benefits over its rivals – most importantly, bigger revenue, quick payments, and advanced statistics, which give you a complete idea of how well your campaign is going.
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