Appnext Review

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1. Introduction to Appnext

Appnext is a monetization and app distribution platforms with the ultimate goal of promoting great mobile businesses by improving the app distribution process. Currently the company cooperates with over 30,000 developers, which gives Appnext the opportunity to build cooperation between publishers and advertisers in a direct manner, providing all kinds of solutions and joining forces to further improve the monetization and app distribution mechanisms. Appnext has pretty impressive achievements, with 350 million current users, 180 supported countries, and 12 billion app requests served every month.

2. Appnext Company Stats

Company Website: Appnext
Founded in: 2012
Number of Employees: 40
Social Media Profiles: Appnext, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Appnext has a whole range of services aimed at advertisers looking for the most efficient ways to promote their apps. By working with Appnext you can help your app get noticed by paying only for completed installs, and not just impressions or clicks. Appnext pride themselves on being fully transparent and offering advertisers an opportunity to have direct control over their campaigns. With the Self-Serve Platform, you will be the one managing your campaign, introducing changes and transforming your campaign as you go. Reach over 350 million mobile users all over the world.

4. Information for Publishers

Developers can also benefit greatly from working with Appnext by gaining access to the endless demand from Appnext’s pool of advertisers. The specially designed Demand Side Platform offers publishers a chance to run their campaigns on a self-serve basis, with dozens of advertisers bidding on CPI and competing for an opportunity to advertise on your app. Both utility app developers and game publishers can apply for the program. Apps can be distributed across 230 countries, which means you can cover the whole world or just run a small-scale local campaign to see how well it goes.

5. Account Help

Contact Appnext: Find the contact form on the bottom of the page
Check out Appnext FAQ here
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers at Appnext

Appnext doesn’t have a huge staff like many of its competitors but instead every member of Appnext’s team is represented on their website. If you want to join the company and do what you can to transform the future of online advertising, you can apply for a job at Appnext. On their Careers page you will see all currently open positions with a button that lets you apply through your LinkedIn account. Even if you don’t see a suitable position right now, but believe you will be a great addition to the team, you can contact the company directly via the contact form on the same page.

7. Editor’s Appnext Review

Appnext belongs to the group of smaller companies in the online advertising market, with just a few years of experience and a staff of 40 employees, but it doesn’t mean that Appnext can’t rightfully compete with the leaders of the industry. In a market that is as prone to changes as online advertising, it’s all about finding the right solutions for each particular case and thinking one step forward, meeting the transformations and new market trends with a selection of ready-made opportunities. This is exactly what Appnext excel in. Their innovative approach to advertising helped them to acquire 30,000 developers and hundreds of high-profile advertisers in the few years since the company was launched.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Appnext is the chance to operate the self-serve platform. This mechanism was designed for advertisers who feel like no one can manage their campaigns better than them. With the direct CPI bidding model, a global reach of 350 million users across 180 countries, you can use the self-serve platform to your advantage. Set up and run your own campaigns, introducing changes as you go. Monitor how the campaign is going using an advanced reporting system, where you can see all stats concerning your campaign, from the number of users acquired to date to the locations where your app is performing beset. Additionally, you can choose the right CPI bids, check the campaign budgets, and pause/relaunch campaigns. Tracking is run via Appnext SDK, which you get for free when you sign up for Appnext’s services.

Appnext also has a lot to offer to developers and media platforms. If you’re tired of looking for a comprehensive monetization solution, the one that would give you the desired results without turning away your users by displaying disruptive or low quality apps, Appnext is definitely worth checking out. Through their SDK you will be able to build direct cooperation with the leading advertisers in the market, growing your revenue with every direct deal you close. If you’re a website owner looking to increase your revenue while offering your users new high quality content, then sign up with Appnext and get the following benefits: smart mobile engagement, 8x higher CTR, and native mobile experience. Access a wide range of tools available to every website owner working with Appnext and take your user engagement and monetization stats to the next level.
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