ayeT-Studios Review

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1. Introduction to ayeT-Studios

ayeT-Studios is a young company based in Germany. The company’s goal is to offer an all-inclusive advertising solution for small and indie developers. As an app publishing company themselves, ayeT-Studios know exactly what it takes for an advertising service to be considered good, and they work every day to present the highest level of service to customers all over the world. The special focus of the company is the ROI, which is considered to be the key parameter of a successful campaign.

2. ayeT-Studios Company Stats

Company Website: ayeT-Studios
Founded in: 2013
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter

3. Information for Advertisers

The main objective of ayeT-Studios is to provide add developers with a solution for incentivized installs. The intuitive dashboard allows you to set up and launch a campaign in less than a minute. Note that no SDK integration is required for implementing the proprietary tracking solution, which makes the process even easier. As soon as you sign up within the system you receive full control over your campaign, from setting up the initial parameters to regional targeting, and from rate limiting to complete campaign managing – if you’ve always felt like you would be the most skilled campaign manager for your own campaign, this is your chance to shine. Payments are carried out automatically through PayPal, and pay-per-install model is generally used.

4. Information for Publishers

In additional to traditional services aimed at developers, ayeT-Studios also offers a solution for resellers – marketers and agencies wanting to sell app installs under their brand name. Launching this type of campaign is as easy as starting out as an advertiser. You can begin by integrating the ayeT-Studios white label dashboard into your admin panel. After some easy set up and customization steps, you’re free to use your platform with an opportunity to access your dashboard remotely via API.

5. Account Help

Contact ayeT-Studios: e-mail
Learn more about ayeT-Studios services here
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6. Careers at ayeT-Studios

The Germany-based ayeT-Studios has a relatively small but dedicated team of employees. Positions range from account managers through online marketing managers to developers. ayeT-Studios is constantly looking to expand their staff, so their hiring campaign is always ongoing. The company encourages specialists with experience in mobile marketing to apply for a job at the company. Even if your desired position is not listed on ayeT-Studios’ website, you are still welcome to apply and try your luck.

7. Editor’s ayeT-Studios Review

ayeT-Studios is a rather young German company that was founded in 2013. ayeT-Studios started out as an app developing company, but soon after launch their focus shifted towards helping indie and small developing studios grow their install numbers. In order to achieve this objective, ayeT-Studios implements a whole number of tools and mechanisms aimed at delivering large numbers of installs from genuine users and a wide range of devices.

A lot of individual developers and studios with substantial experience in the advertising field often believe that third-party campaign managing might not be as effective as possible, dreaming of a solution that would give them the tools to run their own campaigns. As a former developing company, ayeT-Studios knows these struggles well enough to offer this category of developers an opportunity they simply can’t turn down – a chance to run their own campaign. After you sign up with ayeT-Studios, you receive access to a dashboard that includes every imaginable way to set up, test, and tweak campaigns. With an automated billing system and endless customization capabilities, you’ll be the one responsible for your campaign’s success. And don’t forget the real-time reporting system that will inform you of any changes in the campaign and will help you get the scope of the campaign anytime you need it.

The focus of ayeT-Studios lies in ROI, which is considered to be the one parameter that demonstrates the effectiveness of the campaign. This is why campaigns are designed in a way to generate the highest possible ROI. A wide variety of tools is used to achieve this goal, including support for every ad format. Unlike many other advertising companies in the market, ayeT-Studios gives developers a chance to pay only for results, which means your money will go towards genuine downloads from real users. Thanks to the possibility to choose from two packages, Standard Installs and High Retention Installs, you will be able to select the offer that fits your campaign and budget the best. Whatever your reasons for working with ayeT-Studios are, you can always expect a satisfying result. In addition, if you are looking to join the world of online advertising as a specialist, you are welcome to apply for a job at ayeT-Studios – they are always looking for motivated and knowledgeable people to join their team.
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