Fyber Review

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1. Introduction to Fyber

Fyber has a very distinctive approach towards app marketing – the company believes that only free apps have the ability to become universally popular and successful. Their approach to advertising also helps them stand out from the crowd: by providing the necessary tools and services, Fyber gives their customers the power to evolve and thrive in the constantly changing environment of mobile app development through smart advertising that, in turn, leads to sustainable app monetization – a goal many publishers and advertisers are trying to reach.

2. Fyber Company Stats

Company website: Fyber
Founded in: 2009
Number of Employees: 290
Social Media Profiles: Fyber, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

With Fyber advertisers of all kinds get a chance to explore a whole new level of audience engagement. The company promises open access to half a billion engaged users who can become your new customers. In today’s digital world rising above the competition is nearly impossible without a few significant advantages, and your cooperation with Fyber can be exactly the advantage you need. With the expertise covering every possible field of mobile and desktop advertising, Fyber can deliver what it promises – a brand-safe and effective campaign towards achieving your goals.

4. Information for Publishers

Monetization is one of the top concerns for independent and major app developers, and Fyber has a complete understanding of this problem, providing publishers with the solutions they’ve been looking for. Fyber offers a unified range of capabilities: Mediation, Exchange, and Ad Serving. Together these mechanisms give you the result you expect with little to no effort from you. You’ll be able to communicate with advertisers directly, tweaking and changing the campaign the way you want it to run. All you need to start is delivered in a convenient bundle, designed for quick and effortless setup.

5. Account Help

Contact Fyber: contact form
Find out more in Fyber FAQ
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6. Careers at Fyber

Fyber’s Careers page gives a detailed overview of what it’s like to work at the company. You’re greeted by a brief description of the company’s values, formed by Fyber’s structure – in other words, the departments and their objectives. Fyber promises growth and development to each one of their employees, under the condition that the employee is determined to change, learn, and be a valuable addition to the industry. Fyber has offices in Berlin and San Francisco; you can see the currently open positions here.

7. Editor’s Fyber Review

Online advertising market is so developed these days that succeeding there takes either a lot of effort, or a knowledgeable and skillful advertising partner, which is exactly what Fyber can become to you. This company, located in Berlin and San Francisco, employs people from over 40 countries, and the same diverse approach can be noticed in every aspect of Fyber’s business. In their day-to-day life, the company operates under six core principles, which are pretty self-explanatory. They are: Courage, Passion, Pragmatism, Accountability, Excellence, and Team Spirit. Even these few words give you a pretty clear idea of what the company stands for and which values they use to conduct their business. Although the client pool at Fyber includes a lot of famous names, the company isn’t just interested in growing the number of their customers and their cumulative quality – rather they put a lot of effort into building long-term relationships with customers in an attempt to build the new app economy of the future. The company also prides itself for being founded by developers for developers, which means they understand the struggles and needs of today’s developers better than anyone else.

Fyber’s focus on helping publishers find the necessary solution for each particular case can be noticed in every service offered by the company. Fyber works with any platform imaginable, including Android, iOS, Unity, and Adobe Air. There is also a wide range of ad formats available to the publishers, with the most noteworthy ones being rewarded video, offer wall, and interstitials, which have proven to be extremely effective for any type of campaign. If you’re a developer who is only beginning his journey to efficient monetization, or if you want to have complete access to how the campaign is going, which channels are outperforming the others, and learn every bit of statistics concerning your campaign, you’re going to appreciate Fyber’s unified analytics and reporting system, which brings even the smallest details of the campaign to a convenient dashboard.

Thanks to the passion for what they’re doing, as well as attention for details and the willingness to help both publishers and advertisers reach their objectives, Fyber and its efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by the industry – over the years the company has been repeatedly named among the most innovative and valuable mobile advertising companies in the market – which, given how competitive the market is today, is a pretty impressive achievement.
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