How to Increase the Daily Active User (DAU) Rate for Your App?

Daily Active Users (DAU)

Mobile applications are like movie actors. Some of them eventually gain success and recognition while others are left somewhere on the outskirts of the mobile market. According to the current statistics, a few products will have a chance to become mobile celebs.

However, as a professional actor attends some special classes to improve his or her acting skills, startups also have a chance to benefit from some special tools letting them increase DAU rate. Those letters stand for daily active users. The rate reflects customers’ engagement with the product as well as their interest to your particular app. Here are some easy steps that will let you increase this rate.

Self-Promote Your App

Self-promotion has always been a handy and efficient tool whenever you need to stand out from the main competitors. The first thing you need to do is to let people know about your product. Opting for some media sources and popular editors will be the best bet. Writing press releases and articles for your personal blog is also a great idea. The more information you provide, the more trustworthy your app will look like.

The second step is to gain maximum recognition on the web. You can go to different topical forums and some other online platforms and Internet communities, take part in discussions and conversations and use the name of your product or website as a signature. Some developers surf the net in search of some other forums where they can introduce their product.

You should keep in mind that the above-mentioned tips have nothing in common with spam! Self-promotion never comes with intrusiveness that will kill the slightest chance for your app of being popular and successful. Modern users are very attentive and careful. The will smell a rat on the faraway distance. So, you’d better avoid spam and any other tricks.

Focus on the Improvement

Every time you think of increasing your daily active users rate, you should pay much attention to the improvement. If you app does not make any success for a while, it is obvious, you need to make some changes, as your product is of no use for its target audience. In this case, you can implement some reevaluating strategies to identify possible misses and drawbacks.

Having a strong and efficient feedback is a great plus in favor of improvements. You need to have a clear vision of features and functions that do not satisfy your users. Use people’s experience and your own thoughts to improve the situation.

Always Follow the Rules

We speak of the market rules you need to follow. Fair competition is the only key to success when it comes to leaving all your rivals behind. Being a smart member in the market is a wise decision unless you want to experience bans and other drastic measures taken by some major app store administrators.

Every time you feel like you are unable to meet the requirements of a particular market, feel free to change the marketplace. Moving on to other segments and niches is a part of the long journey that features endless explorations and research.

Final Word

Never give up promotion and improving your product even if you start feeling as if it is of no use at all. Being a successful content owner is not only about your budget, coding and designer skills. You also need a bit of luck in order to reach the top. On the other hand, you should always be ready to change the strategy or even start developing a brand new application that will eventually meet the requirements of the market as well as expectations of your users.

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