InMobi Review

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1. Introduction to InMobi

InMobi is a mobile platform that gives developers, publishers and brands an opportunity to build an engaged relationship with customers through mobile advertising. The focus of the company lies exclusively in the world of mobile. The ultimate goal of InMobi is to transform the role of advertising in the lives of customers and brands – instead of being simply a way to promote goods and services, each advertisement should serve as a moment of discovery for the consumer, inspiring customers with new ideas and emotions.

2. InMobi Company Stats

Company Website: InMobi
Founded in: 2007
Number of Employees: 1000
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, SlideShare

3. Information for Advertisers

InMobi has a wide range of solutions directed at helping advertisers promote their products around the globe. With a reach of over 1 billion mobile users, advertisers can reach their ideal customer wherever they are. In order to help advertisers achieve their goals, InMobi designed a discovery platform called Miip. This platform presents a brand new way to build a conversation with consumers. Now consumers no longer have to deal with just stores and catalogs – instead they get a chance to communicate with the advertiser directly with the help of stories and conversations, with advanced recommendations along the way.

4. Information for Publishers

Publishers are another category of InMobi customers who can greatly benefit from the Miip platform. By providing the groundwork for unmatched user experience, InMobi together with Miip work towards achieving the highest possible level of user engagement, which is essential for any business. If you’re concerned about efficiently monetizing your apps, you should definitely consider working with InMobi, because high levels of user engagement and memorable user experience build strong ties between you and the customers, greatly improving your revenue.

5. Account Help

Contact InMobi: contact form
Find InMobi FAQ here
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6. Careers at InMobi

InMobi has a dedicated Careers page, which not only displays a list of positions that are currently open, but also gives you a general idea of what working at the company will be like. On the page you can see a list of departments along with the available positions. The departments are: Strategy and Operations, Design, Finance and Legal, Human Resources and Admin, Marketing, Products, Sales and Business Development, and Technology. You can also apply for an internship, and upload your CV directly to the company even if you don’t see a suitable position among the available ones.

7. Editor’s InMobi review

InMobi was founded in 2007 in India, and during its decade-long history managed to reach the top of the mobile advertising industry. Nowadays InMobi is represented by 17 international offices and employs almost 1000 people, which gives it an opportunity to constantly grow and design new solutions for brands, retailers, and publishers. InMobi is a firm believer in the future of mobile – the company started as a mobile-oriented advertising company and currently continues its journey to becoming the leader in this challenging market. InMobi’s most impressive stats include an average of 100 billion mobile discover sessions monthly and a billion users every month, which can rival the stats from the universally recognized market leaders, including the ones with a much bigger staff and international presence.

Perhaps, the most valuable addition to the world of mobile advertising from InMobi is Miip – its revolutionary discover platform designed for developers, merchants and brands. The discovery platform can be used by every InMobi customer to perpetuate success and achieve goals faster than ever. The key to becoming a successful retailer, brand, or developer is a high level of user engagement. A lot of effort has been dedicated by brands to unlock the secret of achieving better user engagement, but InMobi offers a revolutionary solution to one of the oldest known issues of mobile advertising – improved user experience. Only through next-level user experience you can achieve the desired level of user engagement, which, in turn, will give you a whole new range of opportunities for promoting your brand, establishing in on the market, and fulfilling your goals.

The same goes for publishers: by cooperating with ad networks that don’t care about user experience you risk scaring the customers away by running disruptive ads or ads that negatively influence your brand recognition. InMobi eliminates this problem by presenting an innovative way to study consumer emotions and preferences. By knowing exactly what your users think and feel while looking at the ad, and changing the ad to make it even more appealing, InMobi customers open up a new level of user engagement, the one that has never been available to them before. As you can see, every category of customers is able to benefit from their cooperation with InMobi, so if you’re ready to start a new chapter of success in the history of your brand, online store, or app, sign up for the program and see how much you can get from your work with InMobi.
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