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1. Introduction to Instal is an international monetization resource generating App and Game downloads.

Being developed by the professional engineering team in the year 2012, this proprietary and licensed resource is aimed to deliver highly ranked media development services in the sphere of premium product visual concept and advanced technology.

The business concept, offered by Instal, is focused on Cost Per Install (CPI) concept that optimizes performance both for publishing and advertising.

Having engaged about 3.000 professionals, Instal resource managed to cover the large market of more than 200 countries all over the world. Considering the fact that more than 500 ADV projects are delivered from top advertisers on the daily basis, Intel turnover is constantly growing.

Instal is designed by experienced IT experts from four continents to ensure your positive experience in app and game downloading.

2. Instal Company Stats

Company Website: Instal
Founded in: 2012
Number of Employees: 11-50
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Top Quality Users

The major number of installs are taken out of totally non-incentivized network traffic. Our dedicated team will support those users who wish to stay engaged with your app. Thus, you can easily transform gained installs into loyal customer base.

Optimization of traffic

Optimize your ad server in order to fulfill your ROI. It can be enough to maintain the traffic program by means of the traffic sources that have better conversion characteristics.

Worldwide Traffic

To operate your campaign, you can monitor the cost for each install and each country you choose. Thus, you have an opportunity to expand your app audience within the global frames.

Promote app for 0.05 per install

Risks elimination (CPI Model)

Minimize the risks for your CTR model and consider only the actual installs of your app. CPI programs give you more options allowing to determine your user acquisition expenses.

Simplified Integration System

Our team will assist you with the SDK integration in a matter of several minutes. The tracking system of mobile app (for example, HasOffers or AD-X) gives you the opportunity to keep all statistics in one data unit.

Constant Reporting

Take control over the KPI results of your project by means of the online dashboard. Thus, you can proceed with the proper adjustments without data loss on the way to the best result.

4. Information for Publishers

Global Network

We cooperate with premium advertising clients from four continents which are delivering new projects allowing to earn money on the network traffic.

ROI Optimization

Our advanced ad server is there to evaluate users’ performance. You can select our ad server which offers the best-balanced connection between program and advertising format. This can maximize the income from your traffic system.

Clear and Fast

Our service support can easily link the integration part to our system (for example, SDK or API).

Loyal Account

A professional account manager will help you to make the right choice of the suitable campaigns for your network traffic. The results demonstrated by each publisher should be analyzed in order to suggest the most suitable options for potentially gaining the largest profits.

100% Traffic Rate

We can easily earn on your traffic by means of the filter campaigns operating within the global network. You traffic will increase the revenues by means of our up-to-date ad formats.

Easy Payment Policy

You are given various options of payment methods, including PayPal and bank transfer. So, you can take all the benefits from our easy & clear payment policy (2-3 days after the sent request) in order to specify the best possible conditions for potential partnership.

5. Account Help


6. Editor’s Instal Review

Instal is a monetization resource dealing with versatile apps and games.

The dedicated team of IT developers managed to design this advanced technology to deliver top level services to media partnerships and advertising campaigns.

The Instal platform is based on Cost Per Install (CPI) concept optimizing performances both for publishing an advertising clients.

By now, Instal is employing more than 3.000 experts and is spreading its business activity in more than 200 countries all over the world. More than 500 ADV campaigns, sent by top advertisers on the daily basis, raise a turnover to the possible maximum. Basically, Instal is the result of collaboration of professional developers from four continents who are specializing in the sphere of mobile advertising.

Our major objective is to make apps eligible for every user by demonstrating the wide range of options. Our technology aims to craft the “power” of apps for our media partnerships and advertising campaigns in order to encourage our users to stay with us.

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