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1. Introduction to Kimia

The name „Kimia” originates from the Arabic word Al-Kimia, meaning the art of gaining gold out of various metals.

Kimia is a privately funded online media platform operating on the market of mobile entertainment. Having the head offices in Europe and Asia, Kimia is presented by a professional team of 100 program developers speaking such foreign languages as English, Spanish, and some others. We try to be as helpful as possible and always stay ready to provide you with assistance.

2. KimiaCompany Stats

Company Website: Kimia
Founded in: 2006
Number of Employees: 51-200
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

App publishing

We aim to obtain new users and high ROI due to value we set beyond app downloads. Our mobile elements involved into the network is leveraged together in order to deliver the large amounts of downloads, consequently, stable program performance.

Delivering of mobile services

No matter, CPA, CPL or CPM…we are ready to deliver the best result. We specialize mainly in high quality affiliates and concentrate on the high quality while looking for new users for your media services. Our traffic segmentation allows to get it crafted in accordance with your needs in accordance with all restrictions referring to your distribution. We are doing our best to deliver the highest value to prospective advertising purposes. Your ROI is our biggest priority.

Promote app for 0.05 per install

Quality outcome

  • You identify the objective: CPA, CPL, or CPM
  • Highly-ranked LTVs
  • Tracking system adjusted specifically to your requirements

High quality technology

  • Career and gadget tracking
  • Relevant dashboard
  • Finance maintenance

Woldwide quantity

  • Global network traffic
  • Numerous advertising formats
  • Numerous traffic networks

Reliable account maintenance

  • Loyal account management
  • Data shared with high quality advertising concepts
  • ROI is our priority

4. Information for Publishers

Global program coverage

We can earn money on development of traffic segmentation. Currently, our network customer base is estimated at more than 1.000 users. Our programs are based on top performance and financial resources which make up your inventory within eCPMs.

SEO ad units of high performance

  • Ad unit homepage optimization is not required.
  • Banner function
  • Pop-under window
  • Integration
  • Automatic redirection

Highly-ranked program portfolio

  • 100% traffic rate
  • All available geos and segments

High quality technology

  • Fast-growing integration
  • Automatic optimization of eCPM
  • Relevant dashboard

High values of eCPM

  • Our eCPM concept – the most effective selling principles
  • Stable bidding concept
  • Unrestricted budget eligible for advertising

Safety policy

  • SEO advertising codes based on safety concept
  • High results of mobile ad units
  • Development team for advertising campaign

 5. Editor’s Kimia Review

Kimia is a fast-developing company specializing in eCPM development for mobile traffic and various types of entertainment purposes. Our programs deliver numerous offers to multiple advertising affiliates. Kimia is a restricted premium network suitable specifically for top advertising and publishing. Our advanced technological advances, constant optimization and professional account controlling and maintenance signify us among our competitors.

Being integrated by mobile industry experts, Kimia is well-known as an independent company presented by a professional international team. Almost 200 of dedicated experts are ready to assist you in the major international languages, including English, Spanish, and some others. Our major head office is located in Spain with numerous representatives in Asia.

Kimia stay active in the marketing within the mobile network industry during the last 10 years, with more than 5 years in affiliating marketing. From the very beginning, we followed our major objective to provide you with million dollar profits. Our anniversary in the year 2016 was celebrated by presenting the illustration on the opportunities granted by Affiliate Business. That was the moment we determined that Kimia makes one out of every 20 affiliates a millionaire.

The name “Kimia” is originated from the Arabic Al-Kimia relating to the art of producing gold out of various metals.

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