Mobusi Review

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1. Introduction to Mobusi

Mobusi is a mobile performance advertising agency with a strong focus on performance. The company’s goal is to help each one of their advertising partners reach out to the world and achieve their performance goals. There is a wide variety of tools and mechanisms used to achieve these goals, from working with direct publishers to RTB system, and from media buying to affiliation. Mobusi is recognized worldwide, and their 80 million daily clicks and 250,000 daily conversions are the only proof you need.

2. Mobusi Company Stats

Company Website: Mobusi
Founded in: 2012
Number of Employees: 200
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Mobusi has designed its services to benefit both advertisers and publishers. The company welcomes advertisers with the most ambitious objectives, because Mobusi is open for challenges and is ready to assist you with the most complicated tasks. Whether you want to reach a particular audience in a limited location, or promote your app internationally and grow it on the international scale, you’re guaranteed to find the most effective solution together with Mobusi, because their extensive experience, combined with an inventive approach, will help you meet your goals.

4. Information for Publishers

Over 20,000 publishers, developers and media partners have entrusted their monetizing processes to Mobusi, which means they are satisfied with the level of services and the various technologies offered by the company. If you’re interested in cutting-edge monetization techniques, a wide range of user-friendly ad formats, and unmatched eCPM levels, you’re welcome to sign up with Mobusi and see how your cooperation with the company will benefit your business.

5. Account Help

Contact Mobusi: Email, contact form
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers at Mobusi

Mobusi doesn’t have a dedicated Careers page on their website, but you can check out their LinkedIn for information on the company’s hiring process, values, general information about Mobusi, and the currently open positions. Their LinkedIn page is updated regularly, so make sure to stick around and keep an eye on the new available positions – who knows, maybe your dream job is just a few clicks away?

7. Editor’s Mobusi Review

Despite being only a couple of years old, Mobusi has managed to work their way to the avant-garde of the mobile advertising market. With solutions designed to benefit both advertisers and publishers, it’s no wonder that Mobusi continues to grow and is expected to become an even bigger force in the advertising industry. This company has a deep understanding of the processes in online advertising, as well as trends and new technologies, which allows them to always stay on top of the market. Of course, there are bigger and more experienced companies, but Mobusi often wins thanks to their combination of highly skilled staff, open approach to advertising, and a determination to build effective and long-term relationship with their customers.

Mobusi’s relatively young age didn’t keep the company from building an impressive portfolio. Mobusi is proud of their achievements, which is why each month they publish stats from the previous month to demonstrate how much the company is growing in the multiple areas they specialize in. Judging by last month stats, Mobusi accumulated over 3 billion mobile clicks, 247 active geos currently running their campaigns, and 7,9 million sales. This data demonstrates the company’s ability to thrive in the highly competitive market of online advertising. If you’re interested in building presence not just in the domestic market, but also in a selected location or all around the globe, you’re in luck, because Mobusi’s international experience and achievements give you an opportunity to reach out to exactly the audience you need. Although the headquarters of the company are located in Spain, Mobusi can provide services in every corner of the globe.

An endless range of tools are implemented by Mobusi in order to fulfil their claim to focus on mobile performance. Advertisers and publishers who are also interested in improving their mobile performance, get access to a variety of mechanisms provided by Mobusi. These tools and mechanisms include their own publishing network, skillful social media use, RTB, SEM, display media buys, and dozens of other techniques, which, combined, present an effortless yet very efficient way to grow your ROI and achieve a whole new level of success in the challenging world of advertising.
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