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1. Introduction to Reporo

Whether you are an adult app developer or an advertiser looking for a chance to increase your income, Reporo is the best destination with its huge selection of customizable ad campaigns and monetizing solutions. Here you are free to convert your award-winning products of different topics ranging from Adult ad VOD to men’s Health, Gaming, gambling and Sports betting.

2. Reporo Company Stats

Company Website: Reporo
Founded in: 2006
Number of Employees: 200
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Reporo is a great destination for advertisers seeking for:

  • Endless Adult Impressions by billions of users – You will have an access to an extended inventory within a self-servicing platform;
  • Worldwide reach – You are free to target the global audience in spite of the geo location. You can operate in several countries at the same time or choose only one;
  • Advanced Targeting Features – Advertisers will certainly appreciate a list of innovative targeting features that include not only typical geos and verticals but also language, operating system, mobile carrier, browser and more.

4. Information for Publishers

Publishers and app developers will also find Reporo performance ad network rather handy when it comes to monetizing their applications related to different fields including Adult, betting, Online Casino and gaming, etc. The main features include:

  • Prompt Payments – You can choose from various payment options Wire Transfer and PayPal to benefit from bi-monthly payments transferred without any delays;
  • High Revenue – You will hardly find more affordable rates if compared with other networks available in the market. They result in higher revenues;
  • Global Monetizing Solution – Reporo provides global traffic coverage. You can choose several countries or only one and always count on 100% fill-rate.

You will also appreciate some additional features including Ad safety, tailored commercial terms and more.

5. Account Help

Email: [email protected]

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6. Careers at Reporo

Looking for a chance to develop your skills and widen your knowledge? Reporo offers great working opportunities and career promotions for the most passionate and dedicated specialists in the niche of mobile ads. Whether you are an experienced worker or a novice looking for a chance to work in a team of leaders, Reporo is a good choice to boost your career progress and obtain necessary knowledge.

7. Editor’s Reporo Review

Reporo is a leading expert in the niche of mobile advertising. It was founded in 2006 and features enormous experience in the field. The company is based in London but still has many offices around the globe. T representation can be found in Mexico and Argentine, the UK and Philippines, Japan and India.

The network was titled some prestigious awards. It offers some great advertising and monetizing solutions to please both publishers and advertisers. It can boast millions of monthly adult impressions in addition to a global traffic coverage and advanced technologies.

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