Smaato Review

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1. Introduction to Smaato

Smaato is a global real-time advertising platform for app developers and mobile publishers. For over a decade Smaato has been producing innovative monetizing solutions exclusively for the mobile market. Most of Smaato’s operations are carried out through SPX, a free global self-service platform and ad server, designed to bring advertisers, developers and publishers together. With over 90,000 publishers in their customer base, a global reach, more than 10 billion ad impressions a day and 1 billion active users, it’s safe to say that Smaato has all of your needs covered.

2. Smaato Company Stats

Company Website: Smaato
Founded in: 2005
Number of employees: 500
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing

3. Information for Advertisers

One of the biggest benefits of working with Smaato as an advertiser is the access to the incredibly wide pool of publishers.

With almost 100,000 active media partners and 300 billion monthly ad impressions internationally, the coverage of your campaign will be bigger than many advertisers can dream of. Smaato also offers extensive targeting capabilities, which makes every advertising campaign more effective and innovative. The Real-Time Bidding system is another chance for an advertiser to reach their target users with minimum effort.

4. Information for Publishers

Finding the right monetization solution has always presented a struggle for mobile developers, which is why Smaato’s selection of tools was a welcome change. In order to help publishers meet their goals, Smaato has designed a free publisher ad server that includes innovative technologies such as native ad builder, Dynamic Demand, and Private Marketplace. You can combine these technologies, or choose the ones that fit your campaign better – in the end you’ll get the result you’ve been anticipating. Effortless integration, higher eCPMs, and billions of impressions are the biggest advantages of your future cooperation with Smaato.

5. Account Help

Contact Smaato: Email, contact form
Find Smaato FAQ here
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6. Careers at Smaato

Smaato has a dedicated Jobs page, where you can learn everything you need to decide whether you’ll be the right fit for Smaato and vice versa. You can join Smaato in four main departments: engineering, sales, product management, and marketing. Each department has a list of available jobs. You can also view jobs by locations, which include New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore, and other cities. You can also send your resume even if there is no position you can apply to at the moment. Under the list of available jobs you’ll find the benefits of working at Smaato and some extra company stats.

7. Editor’s Smaato Review

In the online advertising market, where more than half of companies are less than 5 years old, seniority is a major advantage for a company. This is why Smaato, with over a decade of experience, is often one step ahead of the competition. Their extensive experience, combined with an innovative approach towards mobile advertising, makes them one of the most advanced advertising companies in the industry. The feature that got Smaato the biggest recognition is their Real-Time Bidding platform, which serves to help advertisers and developers maximize their revenue and explore a whole range of effective app monetization techniques. High fill rates and eCPMs, offered to every Smaato customer, are reached through a combination of the leading DSPs, over 90 leading ad networks, and cutting-edge mechanisms of pairing the most compatible advertisers and publishers.
Another Smaato feature that deserves attention is the open API and an endless range of available SDKs, which provide every customer with an opportunity to set up their campaigns in the most detailed and informed way possible. Customers also appreciate the variety of ad formats supported by the network, where usual ad formats like banners and interstitials work together with innovative formats like rich media and video ads, creating a whole and unique user experience, boosting the revenue of advertisers and media partners. It’s also worth noting that Smaato has one of the most developed targeting capabilities among the competitors, further improving the efficiency of the ad campaigns.

One more reason why Smaato may be considered one of the most groundbreaking companies in the market is their Publisher Platform – SPX. This integrated mobile monetization solution is designed specifically for app developers and mobile publishers. With zero fees, the SPX combines mobile, native and programmatic formats to bring the publishers closer to their desired result. Developes, publishers and advertisers have been looking for a transparent and efficient exchange platform for years, and this might be the solution we’ve all been waiting for. Brand-safe, scam-free and user-friendly advertising – what more can a publisher or an advertiser expect from the campaign? Smaato has a section on their website dedicated to success stories of their customers, where it’s clear that whether you’re an established app publisher with a desire for higher eCPMs, a small developing studio looking to join the lucrative world of online advertising, or an advertiser on a search for new effective markets and strategies, you can rest assured that the suitable solution is already waiting for you at Smaato.
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