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1. Introduction to StartApp

StartApp was founded with one main objective – to develop and provide the most efficient and innovative solution for advertisers and publishers. One of the main tools used by StartApp in reaching that objective is SODA, the unique social data platform that gives every partner a detailed description of their users, which is then use to set up and transform mobile advertising strategies to achieve even better results. Currently StartApp cooperates with over 220,000 apps and covers a user base of 477 million monthly users across the globe.

2. StartApp Company Stats

Company Website: StartApp
Founded in: 2010
Number of Employees: 200
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, StartApp, Google+, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Targeting techniques have been getting a lot of attention in the advertising world lately, but not many of the companies on the market have taken this concept as seriously as StartApp. They believe that targeting should be advanced enough to target just the right user for the campaign. In order to achieve that StartApp has designed a programmatic targeting engine – a technology that combines smarter data with one-of-a-kind creative options, which helps advertisers target not just the best user, but also the user with the highest engagement potential. No matter what your budget is or what type of campaign you want to run, StartApp will find the solution for you.

4. Information for Publishers

StartApp has dedicated the last five years to finding the most effective monetization solutions to help the mobile publishers reach the success they deserve. StartApp’s intelligent mechanisms select the advertising campaigns that fit in with your users’ interests, creating a complete and unique experience for the user, improving engagement and growing your revenue. The most noteworthy technologies used at StartApp include big data, smart targeting, innovative ad formats, and native ads. The platforms supported by StartApp include iOS, Android, Unity, Marmalade, mobile websites, and more.

5. Account Help

Contact StartApp: Email, contact form
Find StartApp FAQ here
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6. Careers at StartApp

StartApp’s Careers page displays everything you need to know about working at the company. For example, you can find out that StartApp focuses on three core principles; cooperation, professionalism, and commitment. Below you will see the currently open positions that you can sort by departments or location. Each position has a button for you to instantly apply, and if you don’t see a fitting position at the moment, you can send your CV anyway. On the bottom of the page you will find the perks of working at StartApp, which include stock options, the opportunity to develop skills and be heard, and a description of company retreats.

7. Editor’s StartApp Review

From their start in 2010 StartApp has set a very distinctive goal in front of the company: use their experience and skills to provide customers with the most powerful and innovative tools for the highly competitive mobile market. During these 6 years the company produced a number of solutions and mechanisms, but the most well-known and used one is, perhaps, SODA. This unique social data platform gives advertisers and developers a detailed portrait of their customer, his likes and dislikes, and behavior patterns, in order to target advertising campaigns towards users who are most likely to be successfully engaged in the campaign.

Over the years of its existence, StartApp has accumulated some very impressive stats that clearly demonstrate that the strategies and principles they selected for their work are quite effective. At the moment there are over 220,000 applications in StartApp’s app base, with the total number of monthly active users reaching 477 million worldwide. 40% of the top-grossing apps globally are among StartApp’s clients, which gives the company an opportunity to implement their tools and techniques at different scales. Since 2010 StartApp’s SDK has been downloaded over 9 billion times. The 100% geo coverage allows publishers and developers reach out to users in every corner of the globe. This level of coverage was achieved thanks to many factors, but most importantly, due to the fact that although StartApp is headquartered in New York, it has 9 international offices and is represented in every part of the world, which means that wherever you are at the moment, and wherever you want to run your campaign, you’re guaranteed to find a StartApp team that knows everything about your prospective market and users.

Working with StartApp is able to benefit both advertisers and publishers. Publishers get access to the most competitive eCPMs, which, in turn lead them to the most effective monetization solutions. StartApp operates a wide range of ad formats and targeting techniques, which means higher levels of user engagement and your constantly growing revenue. Plus, you can choose between running your own campaign and have a dedicated team of account managers do it for you. The last thing is also true for advertisers, who get access to a self-serve platform, but can still run campaigns by themselves. Join almost 100,000 of active campaigns and experience a new level of success, user engagement, and recognition.
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