Supersonic Review

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1. Introduction to Supersonic

Supersonic positions itself as a one-stop shop for mobile developers and publishers looking to promote and monetize their apps. Supersonic’s most high-profile clients include tech giants like EA, Wooga, SocialPoint, Lovoo, as well as hundreds of other major and smaller players on the market. With the help of a diverse range of solutions and offers for publishers and advertisers at Supersonic, every customer is sure to get the solution he’s been looking for, designed to reach customers in every corner of the globe.

2. Supersonic Company Stats

Company Website: Supersonic
Founded in: 2009
Number of Employees: 500
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

In this day and age a lot of advertisers are no longer satisfied with bringing in generic users – they want genuine, active users who can form a high quality customer pool. That’s exactly what Supersonic has to offer: cutting-edge targeting techniques to help you achieve the best possible results. With the help of targeting and publishing ads across high-end media partners your brand, app, or product will get the recognition it deserves, attracting new users and bringing you closer to your goals, no matter how ambitious they might be.

4. Information for Publishers

Although there are dozens of monetizing solutions on offer today, not every one of them is able to help you meet your objectives. However, Supersonic’s exclusive SDK opens up a whole lot of new opportunities before every publisher. A single SDK, incorporating Interstitial, Mediation, Video, and Offerwall formats, is very easy to install and use. With the implementation of the SDK your users will see non-disruptive, high quality ads, growing your revenue with the help of high eCPM. Supersonic’s SDK is supported on all major platforms and help generate revenue even from non-paying users.

5. Account Help

Contact Supersonic: contact form
Find out more about Supersonic here

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6. Careers at Supersonic

Supersonic’s Careers page gives you a complete idea of what working at the company will be like: there is a brief guide into corporate culture and values, a description of perks you get by joining Supersonic, and a list of Open Positions, where you can see which jobs are available at the moment, determine if you’re the right candidate for the job, and apply for the opening. Jobs are divided according to the location, so you can work with Supersonic wherever you are.

7. Editor’s Supersonic Review

Supersonic is a multi-national company with offices in every corner of the globe, which allows it to get a better scope of the international advertising market and plan their campaigns accordingly. Supersonic’s six offices employ up to 500 people whose expertise, skills and experience allow the company to compete with the leaders of the industry by implementing a technology-oriented approach. The company’s mission is simple: help developers grow their business. How does Supersonic meet their ambitious goals? This question can be answered by taking a look at the success stories and case studies Supersonic happily shares with the readers on their blog.

Most advertisers are constantly looking for ways to acquire users and grow their businesses, and that’s exactly where Supersonic comes to the rescue, because their endless collection of techniques and tools allows every advertiser to find the model that works best and employ it in a way that delivers the best results. All it takes to have a successful advertising campaign is three easy steps. First, you use the variety of mechanisms to determine your target audience. Second, you set up your campaign and wait for the ads to be published across the top quality media partners of Supersonic. And third, you watch your original goals being met. Whether you were looking to acquire new users, make the current user base more engaged, increase the number of downloads, or achieve any other positive dynamic, you can expect Supersonic to fulfill your goals and take your business to the level it truly deserves. Plus, Supersonic has a whole specter of services aimed at promoting brands, so if you’re trying to increase your brand recognition, get access to the tools like Interstitials and Video Ads to explore your brand’s true potential.

Supersonic is also a great choice for publishers, whether you’re an indie studio or a major app developer. If you’re used to working with other companies, who have complicated sign-up requirements and a variety of SDK and tools that can confuse even the most skilled publisher, leave this negative experience behind, because at Supersonic you can start growing your revenue with no extra effort or wasted time. The biggest benefit of this program is the universal SDK that can work across Video, Mediation, Offerwall, and Interstitial ad formats, with no changes required to be made in the SDK to move from one format or platform to another. Provide your users with high quality, non-disruptive ad, and enjoy the numerous advantages of working with an ad network as comprehensive, helpful, and efficient as Supersonic.

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