Tapjoy Review

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1. Introduction to Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a company that firmly believes in the fact that every mobile app not working with them is losing their chance for big revenues. According to Tapjoy’s statistics, only 5% of mobile app users are being monetized. If you don’t want to skip on the opportunity to raise that number to 100%, consider working with Tapjoy, who offer a whole range of tools and mechanisms to both developers and advertisers. With 10,000 active apps, 1 billion app downloads, and hundreds of millions of daily impressions, Tapjoy is hard to beat.

2. Tapjoy Company Stats

Company Website: Tapjoy
Founded in: 2007
Number of Employees: 500
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Tapjoy offers comprehensive support for advertisers of any scale. If you want to learn more about the tools and techniques designed by the company to help advertisers, you can check out their website, where they have informative case studies, detailed reports, helpful tools, and webinars. Tapjoy puts special emphasis on the use of rich media format, which is proven to give impressive results for all types of campaigns. The exclusive audience segment study gives advertisers and other customers a complete idea about user statistics and data analysis.

4. Information for Publishers

Publishers can access an extensive variety of services and tools at Tapjoy. If you’re a developer looking to acquire users, you can use one of the following models: Pay-Per-Install, Video-To-Install, and Pay-Per-Engagement. Tapjoy’s helpful customer support will help you choose the right format and set up your campaign. After the campaign has started, you will receive access to statistics, where you will see how quickly you will meet your goals. Study retention, IAP revenue, and all kinds of data. Get help whenever needed and let Tapjoy do whatever it takes to help your app succeed.

5. Account Help

Contact Tapjoy:contact form
Check out Tapjoy FAQ here
Promote app for 0.05 per install

6. Careers at Tapjoy

Tapjoy has a dedicated Careers section on their website, where you can learn everything you need to decide whether you want to work here. There you can meet some of the members of the team, find out about the company culture, and perks of working at the company. Tapjoy has offices in every part of the world, including the US, Korea, Japan, China, and Europe, so you can find the location closer to you. Find the currently open positions here.

7. Editor’s Tapjoy Review

Succeeding in the incredibly challenging online advertising market is possible only under the condition that your company brings something new to the table, and doesn’t just use the same old techniques all over again. This is exactly what helps Tapjoy stand out from the competition – their continuous quest to find the most effective and groundbreaking solutions for advertisers and publisher constantly brings results. If you look at Tapjoy’s statistics, you’re guaranteed to be impressed – in just 8 years they have managed to reach 2 million daily ad engagements, embed their SDK in 270,000 apps, acquire 500,000,000 monthly active users, and collect a pool of high-profile advertisers and investors. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Tapjoy ensures global coverage and a deeper understanding of the international market, which is exactly what many similar companies lack.

If you’re an advertiser looking to grow your customer base, ROI, or achieve general success in the industry, Tapjoy will offer you a number of effective solutions, helping you make the right choice in case you hesitate or struggle with choosing between several options. Let users across the globe discover your app through a variety of different techniques and tools. With over a billion devices in their network, Tapjoy can help you achieve the success you and your app, service or product deserves. The advertising solutions include every tool imaginable, from CPV video to Pay-Per-Engagement ads. On Tapjoy’s website, you can find lots of success stories, case studies, tutorials, introductions to their techniques, and other valuable information that will help you choose the strategy for promoting your product.

Developers are another large group of Tapjoy customers who can benefit greatly from cooperating with the company. In addition to the variety of tools and solutions available to every Tapjoy customer, you will also find an endless collection of tutorials and guides to different methods of advertising and monetization. If efficient monetization is your number one goal at the moment, at Tapjoy you’re guaranteed to find the most effective solution. Given that this company is constantly improving their technologies, looking for new, more effective and accessible tools for helping advertising and developers obtain their goals, you can expect the services offered by Tapjoy to change for the better, giving you even more opportunities to reach the success you dream of.
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