The Most Common Mistakes in Mobile Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing
Every publisher needs a reliable measurement platform. Otherwise, you will hardly find a developer eager to cooperate with you. It comes as an essential component when creating an efficient network. Luckily for you, we managed to work with various performance marketing platforms and gained an enormous experience. Today, we are going to share that experience with you.

This particular article will help you to avoid common mistakes many developers do when establishing good relations with advertisers and publishers. We will answer some of the key questions including:

  • How is device targeting important?
  • What performance marketing platform to choose?
  • How to save money when using mobile performance marketing tools?

Every time you want to meet the requirements of users, you need to follow their tendencies no matter if they use iOS or Android devices. In other words, you need to tune your campaign in accordance with their requirements and use specific parameters.

Advanced targeting provides some fundamental issues that will make it easier to target your preferable audience. You may focus on the type of device, OS version and some other parameters to boost the number of downloads and make profit from your app. Advanced targeting may appear to be the main tool within your mobile marketing platform. However, this is where the majority developers make the first typical mistake. They use mobile campaigns based on client-side cookies tracking. However, such approach comes with the less precision and appears to be extremely difficult to predict. Ad blocking technologies are developing rapidly today making the access to users’ devices tougher and tougher each day.

The Solution

You will never be able to track the conversion using customer’s cookies in case he or she switches between app and browser. In other words, you will lose the conversion as well as money for both publishers and advertisers. The best bet is to use a unique identifier combined with server tracking.

Unique identifier will let you monitor various types of devices and avoid such obstacles as ad-blocking technologies or blocked cookies. Single device tracking will no longer be a problem.

Providing the best experience for both customers and advertisers is your formula of success. However, you will not be able to achieve it unless you consider post-install events. The idea is to compare all available traffic sources and define the best ones with the highest LTV rate. In other words, you need to optimize the traffic and track all post-install events for maximum revenues.

Installing the app by a user is not enough when it comes to great business perspectives in the long run. Clients are supposed to perform various completed actions after they have your app downloaded. You need to track those events. They may include:

  • Modifications;
  • Upgrades;
  • In-app purchases;
  • Progress milestones and more.

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