The Power of App Store Optimization (ASO) in Mobile App Marketing

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Applications are flooding the market each day. App stores can now boast over 2,000,000 products. For developers and startups, this fact means new obstacles when gaining recognition of the product among users. In other words, the solution is to implement advanced methods to stand out from competitors and make your app as noticeable as possible. App store optimization is the one you will certainly need. It contains some beneficiary features that you might appreciate. Let’s review the method itself as well as some leading app store optimization companies.


Defining the Term

It is the process of the mobile application optimization with the aim of getting better rankings within the given app store through the search result. The higher your ranking is the higher possibility of getting your app noticed by the potential customers. As well as any other optimization strategy, ASO lets you generate more traffic and drive it to the page with your product.

However, it requires some fundamental issues in order to turn your offer into a success. You need to understand your target audience before entering an app store optimization platform. The idea is to use specific keywords letting clients find your app with ease. So the first stage is to learn how the keywords actually work. It will make it easier for you to understand the language of the customers. You will have a chance to find out what they are actually looking for.

The Importance

The latest stats prove that the majority of users opt for app store search in order to find the application they need. 63% of all your potential customers prefer this method when discovering new products available at the particular app store.

Another reason for choosing ASO as your major optimization strategy is the fact that the majority of developers underestimate the strategy and do not really care about the rank, as they are very unlikely to invest extra funds in ASO. In other words, you can reserve the place above their products. It can turn into your magic formula of success or a secret weapon, if you like. It will certainly make a great contribution into the overall success.

How Does It Work?

There is nothing difficult in the ASO mechanics. It contains of some crucial components that can be divided into the main and secondary factors.

Main Factors:

  • The idea is to use the strongest and heaviest keyword in the title to generate as much traffic from the search as possible. It will take some time until you discover the keyword you need. So you need to do some exploration and research. Try to tick to the same title even after you benefit from higher rankings. You will gain more reviews at short notice in case everything is done right;
  • You need to choose the most relevant keywords in order to improve your search rankings. You can use various tools to check the frequency of usage by the customers. At the same time, you will have a great chance to analysis your competitors and come up with regular monitoring reports.

Keywords appear to be a flexible optimization solution, as you are free to change and modify them in accordance with your target customers’ requests.

Secondary Factors:

  • Although the number of downloads is of great importance when it comes to ASO, you will hardly be able to control this criteria;
  • This factor can also play a vital role in the overall result. H0owver, it is too rather hard to manage and control. All you have is to encourage your happy customers to write comments and rate your app.

Can ASO Companies Help?

If you are new to the mobile app market and do not have the foggiest idea how to optimize, you can opt for a trustworthy and reliable ASO company. We have reviews some of the best offers in the market and conducted a list of some platforms that you may find rather useful when implementing an efficient optimization strategy. Choosing the right partner will let you boost the ranking as well as attract as many potential customers as possible leaving all your rivals behind.

Is It Possible to Improve?

If you want to optimize the product by yourself, you will need some handy tips letting you improve your strategy. Those tips are related to both main and secondary factors that we have just described. So, how can you actually improve your ASO?

  • Try to use as relevant keyword as you, indicate it in the title. The latest statistics show that a strong keyword in the title may increase the ranking by 10.3%;
  • As for this factor, you need to track your current keywords and compare them with those used by your main competitors. There are plenty of services like MobileDevHQ or others to track the results of your rankings as well as proceed with the detailed keyword analysis and monitoring. Compare your keywords with the main rivals and choose the most relevant ones.

As for improving your secondary factors, you can do the following:

  1. As we have already said, you can hardly do anything about total number of downloads. On the other hand, if you work hard with the keywords and use the wisely, you may still affect this factor in any way.
  2. When we speak of ratings and reviews, we face a typical dilemma. On the one hand, we want as much reviews as possible On the other hand, we will hardly appreciate a huge number of negative reviews. So you need to have as many happy customers as possible and encourage them to write reviews and comments creating a strong feedback.

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