TrialPay Review

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1. Introduction to TrialPay

TrialPay is an online advertising company that helps brands, advertisers, developers, and app studios drive sales, loyalty, and engagement. There is a wide variety of tools that help TrialPay deliver the highest level of service to their customers. One of their most effective tools is the value-exchange platform, which gives millions of customers an opportunity to build cooperation with tops brands, using an alternative payment mechanism open for both web and mobile apps.

2. TrialPay Company Stats

Company Website: TrialPay
Founded in: 2006
Number of Employees: 200
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

TrialPay has worked for over a decade to design the tools and mechanisms that help advertisers reach the right audience. Whether you want to build a new customer base from scratch, or you already have an existing audience, but want to make your customers more engaged, you can expect to have a 100% positive experience from working with TrialPay. Use native and opt-in advertising to reach the audience you need the most, including the always elusive millennials. Maximize your ROI using TrialPay’s targeting mechanisms designed for multiple platforms and channels.

4. Information for Publishers

If you’re like most developers and publishers, you’re probably looking for the most efficient ways to monetize your apps. In this case you, absolutely must check out TrialPay’s monetization opportunities. Thanks to the extensive range of opt-in and native placements, as well as a choice between Evergreen SDK or Native Offers API, you’ll be able to take the most out of your app. Keep your app clutter-free and engage with your users by employing one or more of TrialPay’s solutions with excellent retaining capabilities.

5. Account Help

Contact TrialPay: contact form
Find TrialPay’s FAQ here


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6. Careers at TrialPay

If you feel like you have what it takes to join TrialPay and build the future of commerce as part of the team, you can always try your luck and apply for a position at TrialPay. Their Careers page will tell you everything you need to know about joining the company and how you can impact the world by working there. TrialPay puts an emphasis on the fact that they are a Fortune 500 company, which means extra job security and opportunities. On the same page, you’ll find open positions, perks of working at TrialPay, and an insight into how it feels to work there.

7. Editor’s TrialPay Review

In the world where most online advertising companies are relatively small start-ups with only a few years of experience in the market, TrialPay has a significant advantage of being in the Fortune 500 company list, which means extra opportunities for everyone involved, including employees, advertisers, publishers, regular customers, and anyone dealing with the world of online advertising. After being acquired by Visa in 2015, TrialPay introduced a number of new tools and techniques, creating an even stronger company presence in the industry and providing all types of customers with a suitable solution.

The basic principle of TrialPay is rather simple: a consumer receives a certain item for free in exchange for purchasing or downloading another product or service from the range of products offered by TrialPay advertisers. The free goods come from TrialPay merchants, who in turn get paid for the product by the advertisers. That way the customer gets the product for free, while the advertiser and the merchant form a mutually beneficial relationship. TrialPay’s customer pool includes a wide variety of businesses, from software developers to casual games publishers, and from retail industries to various online services. By offering the customers a chance to get a free product for purchasing another product, TrialPay helps each one of the three participants. The customers, or shoppers, receive a product absolutely for free with no extra conditions or requirements, advertisers acquire highly engaged customers on a pay-per-performance model, and online stores take full advantage of the same traffic, growing their revenue.

TrialPay’s decade-long experience in the world of online advertising allowed the company to achieve some valuable goals and set example for many rivaling companies in the industry. With over 600 million current users, 20,000 publishers, an average of 7,000 offers currently available, presence in 180 countries, 14 supported languages and 6 compatible mobile platforms, TrialPay covers virtually every segment of the market, providing opportunities for companies who struggled with finding the right partner in the past. Although TrialPay’s achievements are rather impressive, the company doesn’t stop there, designing one successful solution after another, covering every need of advertisers, publishers, and customers, to move another step closer to the new app economy and fulfilling their original goal.


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