YeahMobi Review

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1. Introduction to YeahMobi

Yeahmobi is a mobile advertising platform with headquarters located in China. The company was founded to give mobile technology companies a solution for reaching international growth, acquiring genuine users, and effective monetizing. The company is driven by three forces: data, innovation, and technology. Yeahmobi is determined to connect the world by using the power of mobile internet. Yeahmobi’s customer pool includes gaming apps, internet finance, consumer apps, ecommerce, lifestyle and travel companies, and more, spanning across 200 countries and maintaining global coverage.

2. Yeahmobi Company Stats

Company Website: Yeahmobi
Founded in: 2009
Number of Employees: 500
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

Over the years, Yeahmobi has designed a number of solutions aimed at advertisers. Among the services you can use are native ads, which steadily demonstrate great results in acquiring highly engaged users. Yeahmobi also offers advanced social and search marketing capabilities for Google, Facebook, VK, Yandex, and other well-known platforms. Last but not least, Yeahmobi has extensive experience in media buying, with campaigns that can be scaled and work on a fixed CPI rate. Plus, like every other Yeahmobi customer, you will get access to international coverage that includes 200 countries and produces 90 million monthly activations.

4. Information for Publishers

Currently Yeahmobi runs thousands of campaigns a month in over 180 countries. Anyone can find a suitable solution in what Yeahmobi has to offer. For example, app developers get access to an effective monetizing tool, which implements the NativeAds formats and has an automated optimization algorithm aimed at achieving maximum eCPM. High fill rates are reached through SDK or API mechanisms. Mobile media buyers and ad networks are also guaranteed to meet their goals with the help of Yeahmobi services. With the coverage of 200 countries, extensive scaling mechanisms, and advanced monetization tools, Yeahmobi promises growth to each one of their customers.

5. Account Help

Contact Yeahmobi: China Office, US Office
Find out more about Yeahmobi
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6. Careers at Yeahmobi

Although Yeahmobi has a large staff, compared to some of the smaller companies on the market, it is still always looking to expand the number of employees by hiring motivated and knowledgeable specialists in every field concerning online advertising. Currently the company is looking for business developers and sales managers, although you can always apply through their general application, even if you don’t see a fitting job opening at the moment. Find out more on Yeahmobi Careers page.

7. Editor’s Yeahmobi Review

Although younger companies are known to frequently achieve success in the mobile advertising market, large experience plays an important role in how well a particular company is performing, and this is where Yeahmobi’s extensive experience truly shines. Over 7 years of experience is less than what older companies have, but more than the majority of online advertising services can say. Since Yeahmobi was originally founded in China, it gives the company a unique perspective on the market. Unlike many of its competitors, Yeahmobi doesn’t focus primarily on the domestic market – instead it puts a lot of effort into expanding its business and putting in on the global scale, and the current support for 200 international platforms demonstrates that Yeahmobi clearly achieved success in this regard.

Yeahmobi’s official objective is to give mobile apps, games, and e-businesses an opportunity to grow and acquire new customers. In order to meet the set goals Yeahmobi has designed a number of effective tools for both advertisers and publishers, so that everyone could benefit from cooperating with Yeahmobi. Among the advertisers working with the company you will find all kinds of businesses, from mobile dating services to mobile games, and from mobile sweepstakes to mobile entertainment campaigns. Yeahmobi is determined to set up direct cooperation with advertisers, skipping the middleman, by offering two most effective models, CPI and CPA. If you as an advertiser want to pay only for a sizeable results, Yeahmobi might be your best choice, because with 160 billion of ad impressions, 1.5 billion clicks and 30 million downloads a month every Yeahmobi customer is guaranteed to find their market and finally meet their goals.

Publishers can also benefit greatly from working with Yeahmobi. Their constant work to raise revenue for their media partners has paid off, so now you can enjoy the levels of financial success you could never dream off. With weekly payments and easy detailed monitoring you can know exactly how well your campaign is going while taking maximum advantage of the growing revenue. Affiliate marketers are also welcome at the company: the knowledgeable staff will find the exact solution you need for any given situation. Whether you’re an advertiser, a publisher, or an affiliate marketer, contact Yeahmobi and together you’ll find the optimal way to achieve your goals.
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